How to Flash the SK-S7G2 Board

This tutorial will show you how to flash the SK-S7G2 board.

What you need:

  • Renesas SK-S7G2 board with USB connector
  • Download “J-Link Software and Documentation Pack” from if not already installed on your computer
  • Program image (.srec format)
  • Windows or Mac computer


Step 1: Install J-Link Software

Do this only if you do not have the J-Link Software installed.


Step 2: Connect the Board to The Computer

Connect the USB cable to your Windows or Mac computer and the debug port of the SK-S7G2 board as shown.  Note: there are two USB connectors.  Be sure to use J19, which is marked DEBUG_USB.



Step 3: Programming


When you first plug in your SK-S7G2 board, you will notice that Windows will install drivers.


On your Windows PC, open the J-Flash Lite application.


You may see a popup notice like this, click OK.


Config the Settings on the following screen like so.  Note the Device is “R7FS7G27H”, Interface is SWD and speed is 1000.  Click OK once the settings are configured.



On the next window, add a Data File (your .srec image you wish to program).


Select your image to program and click Open.  In this case, we are programming the ConnectedWeatherPanel.srec image.


First, click ‘Erase Chip’ to clear what is already on the board. Then, click “Program Device”.


This is what the board may look like after programming.


Restart the Board by removing and re-attaching the USB cable.   This is what the board may look like after restart.


Congrats, you’re done!


NOTE: If you see this popup, that means the JLink drivers were not successfully installed and you should unplug the USB cable and plug back to your PC until you see the JLink driver install.  Then repeat the previous step in flash the board.




Follow this video guide to program using Terminal and command line.  For this step you will need the following command and the program.jlink file (download).

Remember to edit the jlink file to replace ‘file_name.srec’ with the srec file you are flashing the board with.

/Applications/SEGGER/JLink/JLinkExe -If JTAG -JTAGConf -1,-1 program.jlink

Restart the Board.  Congrats, you’re done!