Widgets and How to Use Them


Widgets allow you to perform a function or access a service within Renesas IoT Sandbox.  In this tutorial, you will learn how to access widgets and use them for data processing.

Here is a list of Widgets that are included in your Sandbox account.


They will appear in your Dashboard.  Please note that each Dashboard is specific to a given user. Therefore, the same Project can have different dashboard views based on each user’s customization.


Step 1: Login/Sign-up for Renesas IoT Sandbox

Assuming you already viewed the “Getting Started Guide” in http://renesas-docs.mediumone.com/, you should have generated an API key, created a Business User, created Basic Users, and sent some sample events.  So simply login to your Sandbox account.



Step 2: Create & Activate stream tags

In order to use a Widget, you’ll need to select the data stream that you would like to process.  

Go to Config -> Data Stream and click ‘Edit’ raw Events which will activate the desired data stream.




NOTE:  In addition to the tags generated in the “Getting Started Guide”, the value tag Boolean was created for the purpose of this tutorial.

In Edit Data stream, activate the desired tags. Click “Save Data Stream”.

You can remove a tag by clicking the x button.



Step 3: Selecting and Using a Widget

In this tutorial , we will select the ‘Single User Boolean Input’ Widget.   Go to the Dashboard and click on ‘Single User Boolean Input’ widget.


Select client1 from the Select User drop down window and click on the tag configuration icon.


Select ‘value’ tag, which is of Boolean Type. Click ‘Save’.


The Event button will be generated.  The Single User Boolean Input widget will send ‘true’ or ‘false’ events.  The value can be changed by clicking on the word ‘true’ or ‘false’.


You can view the processed event in events log.  Click on ‘Single User Real Time Events Log’ and select user, “client1”. Send another boolean event by clicking on ‘Send Event’ and view in the event log.


Now you have learned how to:

  • Easily select a widget
  • Enable all widget’s configuration
  • Execute the desired event
  • Monitor & evaluate necessary log file

To learn more about widgets, click here: https://renesas-docs.mediumone.com/?widgets